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Atlanta Computer Systems, Inc. specializes in wholesale merchandising, asset remarketing solutions and computer liquidation services to businesses closing their doors, going through bankruptcy, upgrading used computer equipment or downsizing as a result of poor economic conditions.  Clients utilizing our high tech liquidation services include folding dot-com startups, Fortune 500 companies, creditors, CIO's, MIS managers and IT business sectors. Atlanta Computer Systems buys, sells and trades off lease, refurbished, used computer systems, pre-owned laptops, and monitors, used Cisco, network equipment and all other corporate information technology surplus.


  • Create usable space by ridding yourself of excess or obsolete hardware.

  • Avoid costly EPA penalties.

  • No cost for pick up of donated equipment.

  • Payment and pick up offered for equipment of any substantial value.


We operate as full service nationwide electronics liquidators in the secondary technology market buying and selling surplus computer and network equipment.  Atlanta Computer Systems also offers closeout / discount prices on surplus computers to wholesale buyers.  Please note our end-of-life, asset recovery and management services are designed for business clients only.   

For More Information or to have Atlanta Computer Systems, Inc. remove your hardware, please take a moment to fill out the quote request form.


Who we serve:

Atlanta Computer Systems, Inc. routinely assists businesses, government agencies and financial  institutions, in recovering dollars in lost revenue for excess, discontinued, customer return, surplus computers, network and electronic equipment.  Buyers utilizing our business only, computer exchange typically are wholesale buyers, computer dealers, used computer resellers and technology purchasing directors of companies expecting below wholesale pricing on computer liquidation deals.

Our online liquidation marketplace provides buyers and sellers exposure to our targeted audience of vendors interested in bidding on technology auctions and direct liquidation sales of used computer hardware and network surplus assets.  Sellers, original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and value added resellers (VAR's), are encouraged to submit their open-box, over-stocked, underutilized, electronics, computer and network hardware equipment for appraisal and bid.  Our 6000+ plus secondary market buyers are anxious to bid on your used information technology excess inventory.

With over a decade of asset recovery, computer liquidation experience; we successfully manage the removal and sale of computers and networking excess for manufacturers, distributors, lessees , corporate CIO, COO and MIS department managers.  A key to our company's success is our strong strategic IT partnerships with hi-tech liquidators, recyclers and technology buyers nationwide; enabling us to deliver exceptional customer satisfaction while turning used computers or network hardware equipment into cash.

We can help if you?re looking to dispose of overruns, returns, demo units, used computer IT equipment, lease returns or are facing maintenance, and life-cycle management issues.

Need to close down a datacenter?  Call 404-256-4661 and speak to a liquidation sales associate.

We encourage companies with discontinued or obsolete computers, PC parts, systems and network surplus to submit their equipment for bid. Sellers can accept a bid or make counter offers.

We also provide technology equipment redeployment and computer disposal that includes pick-up of your excess computers and all other surplus assets.

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